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Life in Motion Counseling & Psychotherapy

Because the nature of existence is change.


Recognizing your desire for change took courage. Whatever issues or concerns have led you to consider counseling, you have taken a very important step: looking for a therapist who is a good fit for who you are and what you want to accomplish.

Acting on your motivation to make some changes has already moved you closer to the vision you have for your life. That willingness to explore new possibilities is a good sign that working with the right therapist could be a rewarding experience for you.

I believe our lives can be lived fully and with joy; that creativity isn't just for artists, but a part of daily living; and that everyone has dreams and visions they can learn to inhabit more fully. I hope you will continue to listen closely to your desires as you explore the website, and that you will find yourself encouraged by what you find.

What brings you here today?

Just being alive

means facing a variety of challenges. Sometimes these are invigorating, and meeting them successfully can enhance your well-being, self-confidence, and growth. Other times, issues or problems arise that may create a sense of confusion, make you feel overwhelmed or under too much pressure. Priorities and healthy perspectives may be harder to determine, and self-care can go right out the window. Tangled communication, stressed relationships, and being less productive without having any more fun can all be by-products of the too-much-going-on-at-once problem.

Perhaps you'd like to see things more clearly, hear your own true voice more surely, and have a better grasp of your priorities and purpose. And, if you feel you have little choice but to simply hang on, push through, and hope for the best, maybe it's time to play around a bit, to launch a creative search for a wider range of possibilities. This may also be a time when increased support can help you feel more whole, experience a greater sense of serenity and balance, and increase your overall well-being.

You feel a little down,

 a little lost or stuck, or have a hard time believing in yourself. Maybe you can't even see clearly what is getting in your way, or you've grown tired of constant ups and downs, or chronically feeling not-so-good. Learning new ways to speak up in your own voice, to shift your perspective, and to tap into resources you may not even know you have can help increase your experiences of joy, vitality, self-esteem, and optimism.

A time of transition

can bring excitement, hope, grief, anxiety, and exhilaration. Somehow, even very positive, desirable changes manage to be all of these things at once. (You may be feeling these things even though you are still only contemplating making a change!) And that can be confusing. Why, when you welcome the change, do painful feelings also emerge? Why aren't celebration, pride, and happiness the only emotions? Well, moving into anything new always means leaving something behind. Yet knowing this doesn't always prevent guilt about feeling "bad" when you "ought to" feel good, or concerns that you've made a mistake, or an uneasy feeling that you must be "doing something wrong."

Paradoxically, giving voice to so-called "negative" thoughts and emotions can actually create more room for joyous feelings and celebration. Taking a look at the rich mix of emotions that typically arise during major transitions can bring greater confidence and clarity to the process, no matter what stage of change you are in. Using the statement, "Because the nature of life is change" as Life In Motion's slogan is no accident. It is a celebration of the creativity and energy that can be unleashed any time we go through significant change.

Grief & Loss

Whatever you experience when a loved one dies, however recently or long ago the death occurred, you can be sure: to grieve that loss is necessary, normal, and healthy. Grieving can be hard (and sometimes lonely) work. Maybe you're feeling (or others are hinting) that you ought to be "over" the loss, already, or able to "move on" in some way. You may be afraid you'll never be able to think about the person you've lost without pain instead of joy. Or you might be wondering just how long it will be until you feel better. Sharing some of these experiences, especially in a group of people who are also grieving, can be a way to creatively work through and integrate the loss, while staying connected to the person you loved.

Loss recurs throughout our lives, and comes in many forms. The death of a loved is not the only event to bring on real grief. Milestone events of all sorts may bring sorrow as well as excitement. Unanticipated, unwanted events such as losing a job, or the collapse of a long-term relationship may need to be mourned, as well. Even positive new circumstances and welcome developments can stir sadness when we least expect it. And fresh losses have a way of opening up a channel of hurt for losses you've suffered in the past.

Some aspects of grieving are almost universal. But every loss is unique. And anyone who grieves deserves a safe place to acknowledge the depth of their feelings (regardless of what those may be) without being judged, to be encouraged in weathering the rough seas of mourning, and be supported in finding creative ways to move through the pain in order to embrace, with hopefulness, the "new normal" of their lives.

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Feel free to phone or email me with any questions. A brief introductory meeting (at no charge) to see if we might work well together is also an option. Just call the number at left to schedule an appointment.